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Valve market trends presented to five

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Distribution valve market, mainly based on the construction of the project, the largest user of the valve is the petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgy sector, chemical industry and urban construction departments.

Petrochemical industry main application API standard gate, globe and check valves;

Mainly in the electricity sector with a high temperature high pressure power station gate valves, globe valves, check valves and safety valve and drain valve of the low-pressure part to the butterfly valve;

Chemical industry mainly uses stainless steel gate, globe and check valves;

Metallurgical industry mainly uses low-voltage large-diameter butterfly valve, oxygen valve and the oxygen valve off;

Urban construction sector mainly uses low pressure valve, such as a city water pipe mainly large diameter valve, floor apartment building used mainly butterfly valve, urban heating mainly metal sealing butterfly valve;

Pipeline mainly flat gate valves and ball valves;

The pharmaceutical industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve;

Food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve.

About valve market trend, according to analysts, the main trend in the coming period as follows:

1. With the transfer of oil development to the mainland and offshore oil fields, and the power industry by the thermal power 300,000 kilowatts to 300,000 kilowatts or less than the thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, valve products based device applications should also change accordingly change its Performance and parameters.

2. Urban systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valve, and the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving, that is, from low iron gate used in the past have gradually shifted environmentally friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and seal center line transition. Oil and gas pipeline projects to develop in the direction, which in turn requires a lot of flat gate valves and ball valves.3. The other side of the energy development is energy conservation, so in terms of energy conservation, we should further develop the steam trap, to subcritical and supercritical parameters of high development.

4. Construction of power plants to large-scale development, so we should use a large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve, as well as used as a rapid opening and closing valves.

5. Needed to complete the project development valve supply from a single species to multiple species and many specifications. Valves required for a project, all provided by a valve manufacturer to the trend is growing.

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