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Technical management has become the key to improving the quality of domestic valve

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Zhejiang Province recently launched a province-wide emergency relief valve failed special clean-up operations, Pujiang County, only inferior to the seizure of valve 691. The industry believes that, although the relief valve is a small part, but it reflects the quality of the valve domestic situation is not optimistic.

At present, a total of about 6,000 valve manufacturing enterprises, of which more than 5 million yuan of annual output value has 900. According to "China valve village" Data --- Zhejiang Yongjia County Pump Industry Association show that only the county valve production reached more than 300 kinds of more than 3000 specifications, widely used in large state-owned enterprises and key engineering and technical equipment. Meanwhile, the valve to the high technical requirements, while domestic enterprises currently produce widespread within the valve leakage leakage, the appearance quality is not high, short life, the operation is not flexible and valve electric and pneumatic devices are not reliable shortcomings, some of the products is equivalent international level early eighties of the last century. Experts predict that the future of the valve market growth was mainly in the power, petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and other fields, for valve enterprises, who have good technology and excellent quality, who can constantly develop new products, who can in the fierce competition to seize the initiative.

Experts suggest that to enhance the quality of the valve, must work hard in the production and management, technology, new product development. First, to strengthen management. Production and technical management as soon as possible with international standards, to speed up the adoption of international standards and foreign advanced standards of pace, increase investment, the introduction of modern, automated equipment, innovation of existing products. Meanwhile, the valve selection of raw materials enterprises should Casting, casting and forging process, heat treatment and other sectors to take effective measures to rough castings and forgings, including up to international standards in terms of quality and appearance. Second, we should vigorously develop high-tech new products. Experts predict that, "Eleventh Five-Year", the development of petrochemical valves focused on large-scale petrochemical, oil and gas gathering and transportation pipelines, coal liquefaction and other major construction projects supporting the development of new valves, such as 800,000 tons and above in Ethylene Cracking supporting the use of high-temperature furnace outlet pipeline valves, large diameter high pressure valve, large diameter pipelines, liquefied natural gas cryogenic valves and other needs will have greater growth, expected to total demand valve industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" will reach 34.5 billion yuan. Third, we should strengthen internal and external valve leakage research, strict machining process, and vigorously promote the development of new sealing materials, improve product key parts of precision, extend product life, so that the valve, "a short two drain" phenomenon to be radically improved.

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