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Chen Fu valve stuck or blocked processing method

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Chen Fu valve during use sometimes due to the principle of media, resulting fluorine valve stuck or blocked, unable to work, this time should be avoided its occurrence, or its treatment, here are several ways ,for reference only:

Cleaning method

Pipe welding slag, rust, scum, etc. in the orifice, the guide parts under the bonnet balance hole clogged or stuck in the valve body surfaces, guide surfaces to produce strain and scratches, sealing surface indentation Wait. This often occurs in the early commissioning into operation the new system and overhaul. This is the most common faults. If this happens, it must be cleaned breaking should grind except dregs thereof, such as the sealing surface damage; while the bottom plug open, to wash away under the bonnet fall within the slag material from the balance hole, and the pipeline Flush. Before commissioning, let lined control valve fully open, the media for some time before the flow into the normal operation.

External flushing method

For some easy precipitation, media containing solid particles using ordinary valve control, often blocked in the orifice, a guide at the bottom plug of the valve cover external flushing gases and vapors can be next. When the valve clogging or blockage, open external gas or steam valve to complete the flushing work without fixed lined regulating valve, the valve running.

Install pipe filter method

Small caliber lined valves, especially ultra-low flow lined regulating valve throttle gap especially small, medium can not have a little bit of slag material. In such cases clogging is best to install a filter on the valve before the pipeline, in order to ensure the smooth through the media. Lined with locator regulating valve positioner is not working properly, the gas path orifice blockage is the most common faults. Therefore, when you work with a locator, must deal with the gas source, commonly used approach is to install the air filter regulator on the positioner front air supply lines

Increasing the throttle gap method

The medium of solid particles or be flushed out of the pipe welding slag and rust, etc. because not too orifice clogged, jammed failure, could be replaced by a large orifice restriction gap - an area of open throttle windows, opening class spool, sleeve, because of its cutting area circumferentially distributed rather than centralized, failure can be ruled out easily. If you are single, two-seater shaped spool valve plunger can be changed to "V" shaped mouth of the valve, or into a sleeve valve. For example, a chemical plant with a valve seat often stuck, after the recommended use of the sleeve valve, the problem is immediately solved.

Media scour law

Energy use media itself erosion, erosion and sedimentation away easily, easy to plug something, thereby increasing attempts to prevent the function of the valve. Common methods are: ① converted flow of closed type; ② streamlined body; ③ the orifice is placed flush most powerful place, using this method to pay attention to the ability to improve the resistance to erosion cutting pieces of the material.

Straight to angular Act

Straight inverted S flow, complex flow paths, the upper and lower plenum dead zone more, as precipitation medium provides a place. Angled connector, like a flowing medium 90 ℃ elbow, good scouring performance, small dead zone, designed to streamline easily. Therefore, the use of fluorine-through valve blockage can be changed to produce a slight angle when valve.

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