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service system:

We have established a perfect after-sale-sale service system, to facilitate our customers and distributors service, we always adhere to the "quality-led, faith-based" principle of service, to focus on making our product and service quality to a higher level.

Service monitoring:

Please monitor our service and product quality for our out valuable suggestions or comments! THX. Our products or services have any questions, please give us feedback, and we do other exchanges, please send us a message.

Ordering Information:

Please specify size when ordering, type, quantity, port size, pressure, color, and so the need for anti-corrosion.

I plant to undertake a variety of special agricultural products processing.I plant customer orders and abroad, and strictly enforce the "Contract Law of People's Republic of China."

Phone: 0536-7691069 7692398

Fax: 0536-7691569

You have any questions about our service or product quality, please call the following phone and we will get for you to solve:

Phone: 0536-7691069 7692398

Fax: 0536-7691569

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